What you need to know about User Experience SEO


SEO may appear to be a technical science on the outside, but what lies beneath the surface is rich content. If you are only looking at the metrics you will miss the point of SEO.


Google doesn’t change its algorithms to punish people for gaming the system. Google changes its algorithms to create a better product for its consumers. Google aims to be the most user friendly tech company that it can be. Your website should aim to be the most user friendly as possible too.

Check out this list of User Experience centered SEO tactics:

Page Speed

Page load time is one of the biggest ranking factors that google considers. There are a few ways to make your page faster and improve your User Experience.

Compress Images

One thing that slows down pages are big images. Any kind of big file can make websites sluggish. The best way to solve this problem is by employing a plugin that automatically compresses images. This is a simple fix to increase page load speed significantly.

AMP Pages

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. Many websites are optimized for desktop computers but not optimized for mobile users. In order to AMPlify your page it can be as simple as installing a pluggin on your site! Amplifying your page will increase mobile load speed and User Experience.

Reduce HTTP Requests

If your page has too many functions it can become a problem with page load time. Simplify your pages to speed them up.

Original Content

Utilize Original Images

One thing that can really help the SEO of a page or increase page visibility is to have good original images. If people like your image then they are likely to share it. If possible, include infographics because they can go viral.

Video Content for SEO

Embedding relative video content on your website is extremely helpful for page ranking. Many people prefer to consume content in video format. The better you can serve your audience with the content they want, the better your rankings will do.

  • It’s very effective to combine video with text in blog posts.
  • The more original videos you can publish, the better your brand will do.

Create Shareable Content

Create content that is mobile friendly and ideal for sharing.

  • Use catchy titles in your articles to get the most clicks.
  • Write a list article
  • Use an image that pops
  • Include Social Share Buttons
  • Utilize quotes with statistics that can be shared.


The right website design will give the right first impression to its users. A good design evokes the image of the brand while providing frictionless function and content.


A huge part of SEO and User Experience for a website is Readability. Paragraphs need to be proportioned in small enough chunks that are easy to skim. Sentences also have to be short enough to digest. Using headers, bold, italics, and underlines can help guide readers to the right information on your page.

Seamless Functionality

Everything in your website should flow effortlessly. Create obvious Call-To-Actions and providing people with useful links and anchor-text for usability.

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